Looking for someone to tackle your roof restorations in Dandenong?

Chips, cracks and tile displacement on your roof can lead to water damage, which can be extremely costly to repair.

Replacing the damaged tiles can be expensive as well, as you will need regular roof inspections and maintenance. Often, opting for new roofs altogether is the cheaper and better option for Dandenong home owners, as you can be assured of a quality product that will last for decades more.

Throughout Dandenong, our team offers roof restorations with the latest Boral tiles to give your family a peace of mind. We also offer extensions and a full range of services  – including inspections and gutter replacements and maintenance.

Roof repairs to give you value, not stress

Depending on the severity, roof repairs may do the job for your Dandenong property. But where that’s not an option, you may be advised to initiate a full roof restoration, backed by gutter replacements..

In some cases, a full replacement is often the best option. The obvious benefits are the structural differences, with quality work and top-of-the-line products offering resistance to the elements and peace of mind that water damage is not going to impact your home.

New roofs also breathe fresh life into your property, transforming it to look (almost) brand new, complete with added durability and stability.

Quality roof extensions that will match up to your original

To start, we recommend browsing through our Boral brochure to see the wide range of tiles we have available. Here you can choose tiles that suit your roof restoration project best, and add to the flair of your existing property.

When you are adding an extension to your home or business, you want it to look like part of the original structure, not an obviously tacked on extra.

Spanning across Dandenong, Seaford, Harkaway and more, our experts go the extra mile to make your entire property look uniform.

We will seek out the right tiles from our extensive range of Boral products and also from our quality second hand range. Then we pressure wash, respray and repoint the original roof to bring it back to new condition and ensure it matches up to the new extension.

Additionally, our suite of services offer a range of solutions towards gutter replacements, general roof repairs and assistance – access an diverse collection of expertise to assist with your needs.

To find out more, contact our professionals in Dandenong for a no-obligation discussion or to book your inspection. We can provide a competitive quote towards your roof repairs, installation or restoration and put the finishing touches on your vision.