Roof restorations and repairs for Harkaway

Nature can be hard on the exterior of our homes, especially tiles. While concrete, terracotta and clay (even modern Boral tiles) are robust, they can still fall victim to the elements and should be inspected every few years to keep on top of damage.

Why are roof repairs important?

Storms can impact tiles through increased water flow, wind and foreign objects landing on your roof. The harsh Australian summer sun can further cause damage, resulting in tiles cracking over time.

Beyond that, even foot traffic (such as for the installation of antennas or other devices, the retrieval of children’s toys or drones) can also cause damage to this area. Top it all off with objects like tree branches falling onto the surface, and there’s plenty to keep an eye on.

If roof repairs are not conducted consistently enough, cracks can begin to appear after just a couple of years. This usually which means the tiles are no longer performing the function they are supposed to. Water can leak through them and cause extensive and expensive damage to your interior – something you’ll definitely want to avoid.

Your professional team for new roofs and repairs in Harkaway

Based in Harkaway, our roof restoration experts can inspect the area to determine how well your existing tiles are resisting the elements and seek out any cracks or damage that could be impacting the integrity of your home.

We offer a range of solutions, including roof restorations using reputable tiles from the best manufacturers, through to gutter replacements or second-hand options for the budget-conscious.

In many instances, re-roofing (roof restorations) is a better option as signs of damage to tiles can mean other parts of the area will need to be regularly inspected and may be close to breaking as well.

Why choose us?

Our team in Harkaway can conduct gutter replacements and roof restorations at a highly competitive rate and provide after-care advice and solutions to protect your tiles and prevent them from cracking in the future, giving you decades of peace of mind.

We believe our team are leaders in providing new roofs for all levels of development, from residential homes to major constructions, using the best materials and meticulous attention to detail that we pride ourselves on.

If you are looking to renovate or extend your property in Harkaway, Rowville, Caulfield or surrounds, we can assist as well with a range of options to extend your existing structure. Our services extend towards providing a professional and uniform finish to your home or business.

We can also assist with gutter replacements as part of your roof project or independently as required

Call us today to speak to our team of experts and book your inspection. We can provide a competitive quote towards gutter replacements, roof restorations or new ones installed from scratch. Our services also offer services to put the finishing touch on the extension to your dream project, backed by the assurance that the finished product will stand the test of time.