roof damage by storm

Have you recently requested a roofing restoration after experiencing a natural disaster or a roofing project gone wrong? Whether you’re the owner of the property or need to rework your current structure due to unforeseen damages, it’s critical to understand the insurance available to you in Victoria.

With this in mind, let’s dive into the types of roof repairs, an insurance policy you can claim in Victoria, and why it’s so important to be covered. After all, your home is your safe space for you and your family, and you always want to be prepared for anything.

Understanding Roof Damages

Damaged roof flashing

Made from aluminium, galvanised steel or BlueScope Steel, roof flashing runs over the joints of your roof’s construction, protecting the internal structure from water damage. Signs of damage include buckling or sagging, tear or deterioration, rust on the flashing, unwanted water leaks inside your home, and a higher than average risk of wind damage.

Damage is commonly found around skylights, chimneys, vents that penetrate the roof, or anywhere two joints of the roof meet.

Wind roof damage

Hard hail, unpredictable storms, and powerful winds can all have a negative impact on roofing materials. Damage from wind is particularly dangerous as it can accumulate over time without showing obvious signs.

What should you look for? Keep a close eye on any signs of wind roof damage, including missing, curling, or broken roof shingles, loose nails, damaged gutters and fascia, and scattered or heaped debris, such as tree branches weighing down your roof.

Roof hail damage

Being one of the most destructive kinds of roof damage, hail impact can be more difficult to identify.

Signs of damage from hail storms include small, shallow dents on vulnerable sections of your roof, debris such as twigs, circular cracks from large pieces of hail, broken or missing shingles, roof punctures or cracks, or missing granules.

Roof weathering or ageing

It’s important to stay on top of minor roof damages as your roof weathers due to normal wear over time, especially when exposed to the elements.

Signs of weathering or ageing include fragile or worn roof shingles, shingle edges have signs of decay such as curling or cupping, rust, black or green moss, cracked sealant, or blistering paint.

Poor installation

If your roofing hasn’t been installed correctly, this can cause significant roof damage. Installing roofing over existing asphalt shingles, not using suitable roof sealants, or incorrectly fastening or overlapping shingles can cause damage.

In this case, always hire a reputable, experienced roofing contractor when looking at extensions or roof replacements.

Poor maintenance

Failure to clean gutters, minor leaks, or a general inspection can extend damages and cost a fortune to repair. Ideally, you want to maintain your roof seasonally or at least once a year.

Want to be better informed on roof and gutter maintenance? Have a read of how to keep your Colorbond gutters in good condition!

For Roofers: Domestic Building Insurance

tree falls on roof

According to Consumer Affairs Victoria, your building contract needs to identify your warranty rights, whether it is a major domestic build or a smaller one.

Also known as Builder’s Warranty Insurance, this covers work valued at $16,000 or more. Builders must have a Building Insurance Certificate in the name of the owner before doing work or accepting payment. For more information, you can examine the Consumer Affairs Building Contracts Checklist.

DBI maintains builder registration

Acquiring this insurance is a requirement for maintaining a Victorian Building Registration. Builders must meet certain obligations, or ‘warranties’ as mentioned in the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995, as well as ‘consumer guarantees’ under Australian Consumer Law. These apply by law and cannot be signed away.

The DBI confirms that a business has been assessed by the insurer and has satisfied all management, technical, and financial requirements.

Any builder that does not comply can be prosecuted by the Victorian Authorities, fined, or risk losing their builders’ licence.

DBI  protects the homeowner

This protects Victorian homeowners from financial loss as a result of incomplete or unsatisfactory work carried out by a builder or tradesperson that has passed, disappeared, or their business ceases to exist. This includes common types of roof damage.

For policies issued on or after July 2015, THE DBI protects the homeowner if the builder fails to comply with a Tribunal or Court Order. Subsequent homeowners are also covered during this agreed insurance company period of up to 10 years.

How to apply for a DBI?

Roofing professionals can access the BuildVic Domestic Building Insurance Portal. Purchase insurance directly using a computer or mobile device.

Builders can easily view Certificates of Insurance, access a Letter of Eligibility and check current job limits and premium rates.

What is covered under the DBI?

The maximum contract value, including the cost to complete residential building work, is limited to 20% of the contract price up to a maximum of $200,000 for policies issued before 1 July 2014 and $300,000 for policies issued on or after 1 July 2014.

The policy also covers major or structural defects in the residential building work for six years from the completion date. This also applies if a tradesperson has passed away, disappeared, or become insolvent. As for non-structural building issues, this is covered up to 2 years after the completion of work.

DBI Exception: Multi-Storey Buildings

Do you own or aim to buy an apartment or multi-storey building? There are exceptions to DBI requirements for roof repairs.

A DBI is not required for these building types containing more than three storeys of accommodation. For example, an entrance foyer and a common area.

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For Homeowners: Home Buildings & Contents Insurance

Many companies such as RACV and Budget Direct offer Home Buildings & Contents Insurance policies, but let’s look at what you can potentially cover with an insurance provider.

Home Insurance

Home insurance covers your home, other structures on your property for loss or damages due to theft, fire, a burst pipe, impact, malicious damage such as civil commotion, explosions, natural disasters, lightning or storms.

This includes a residential building (including garages), a garden shed or fences, domestic fixtures such as built-in wardrobes, dishwashers, kitchen cupboards, or permanent structural improvements such as a home extension. If it’s a requirement to replace your roof, here is the ultimate guide to roof extensions and replacements.

Contents Insurance

Content insurance covers personal belongings inside your home, such as furniture, electrical appliances, kitchenware, valuables like jewellery, fitted carpets or rugs, internal curtains or window coverings, or clothing.

You could expect cover for up to 12 months of accommodation, demolishing and removing debris, rebuilding fees, or cover for damage to your building.

Some insured events could be covered up to $1000 for building materials like bricks or tiles. Make sure you get the right cover that suits your roofing needs, and not just for the interior.

Are There Any Optional Covers?

Accidental damage. Adding accidental damage cover to your existing Combined Building and Contents policy, you are covered for unintentional damages to your home. Damages could be the breakage of glass. ceramic, or sanitary fixtures.

Flood cover. This covers you for the damage or loss caused by flooding rivers, creeks, lakes, dams, or other bodies of water.

Landlord cover. A landlord can choose from either tenant default cover or theft and malicious damage by tenants and visitors.Stressing about an accident? Whatever you decide to do, Xclusive Roofing always gets the job done to a high standard, whether you need roofing support in Seaford, Hallam, Pakenham or surrounding areas across Melbourne.

Xclusive Roofing – Reputable Roof Restoration in Melbourne

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Whether your concerns revolve around insurance coverage for roof repairs, extensions and roof replacements, accidental damage, regular maintenance, or complete roof restorations, we’ll assist you with an insurance provider and relevant insurance claims for your home.

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